About Us

G&LH is part of the work of the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT), which was formed in 1992 with two chief objectives in mind:

(i)     the advancement of the education of the public, and particularly of lesbians and gay men, in the principles and practice of humanism;

(ii)    the advancement of the education of the public, and particularly humanists, about all aspects of homosexuality.

G&LH was, until autumn 2005, a print-only magazine, but ceased publication following a protracted dispute about content.

After a period of change and restructuring within the PTT, the Trustees decided to resume publication.

In order to optimise the Trust’s work and cost-effectiveness, and to reach a wider audience, it was decided to make G&LH an online publication.

The aim of G&LH is to reach as wide a readership as possible by covering subject areas both within and outside the areas of sexuality and humanism. Our content will reflect our desire to generate and engage in debate by presenting some views that do not necessarily square with our own.

So, while the broad subject areas will be consistent with our aims as a charitable trust, the opinions expressed by any given contributor may not. Let it not be said that we’re predictable!

Our sister publication is Pink Triangle, a lively blog that’s updated daily by a small team of writers. Some posts are challenging, some angry, others merely informative, yet others entertaining (we hope).

While the blog works as an entity in and of itself, it is also an extension of G&LH, and we hope you’ll find pleasure in reading both.