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Founded on the Internet in 1998, Digital Journal (DJ)
is an alternative news network for people who want
to read news, contribute to reporting, debate and
discuss news and events from around the world,
and is made up of professional journalists, citizen
journalists, bloggers, and passionate writers. It has
journalists in 175 countries worldwide.    
An excellent website for men who have sex with
men. Lots of interesting and useful information
on sex, drugs, gay male culture, health and more!
The website of the Pink Triangle Trust, the publisher
of G&LH.
The Blog of the Pink Triangle Trust. This is a lively
site that is updated daily and is well worth a visit.
GAY to Z the UK’s gay and lesbian search engine.Gay to Z
Hampstead Humanist SocietyHampstead Humanist Society
Ibn Warraq doesn’t have his own website.
However, an unofficial one has been set up
by a supporter of his work.
Ibn Warraq unofficial website
Pagan Press BooksPagan Press Books
Parish of Greenford Magna. A Christian website
run by G&LH columnist Neil Richardson.
Parish of Greenford Magna
Philosopedia, a resource for those whose interest
is “thinking about thinking”, looks at philosophy,
freethinkers and freethought. It is run by G&LH
columnist Warren Allen Smith.
Warren Allen Smith is a gay American activist,
writer and humanities humanist.
He runs the
Philosopedia web-based encyclopaedia and
has been a G&LH columnist for over two decades.
Warren Allen Smith
Islam WatchIslam Watch
Council of Ex-Muslims of BritainCouncil of Ex-Muslims of Britain
One Law for AllOne Law for All
Secular Student AllianceSecular Student Alliance
Secular Coalition for AmericaSecular Coalition for America