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Pink Triangle (PT) is a forum provided by the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) for the discussion and interchange of ideas concerning Humanism as it relates to gay and lesbian issues, and how gay and lesbian issues relate to Humanism. But gay and lesbian issues and those concerning Humanism don’t exist in a bubble: they are part of the wider world. Hence, there will be scope for broad discussion on these and related ethical issues.

The PT blog features news of relevant issues, with or without comment from the author, and hopes to generate lively discussion in the comments area. For more on the blog, see the “Welcome” post from March 2008.

Pink Triangle was set up in March 2008 by the Pink Triangle Trust. The PTT was launched as a charity (number 1015629) in the UK in 1992 with the aim of educating lesbian and gay people about aspects of Humanism, while alerting Humanists to those things that affect homosexuals. Vehicles for this purpose include G&LH, Gaytheist and this blog – Pink Triangle.

While all the views here may not necessarily reflect the policies of the PTT, and shouldn’t be taken to do so, there will, we hope, be lively discussion concerning the issues raised above, and wider ones, too, concerning gays and lesbians and a life that doesn’t have to include religion.

So we’ll be posting news and comment concerning matters that affect the LGB community and humanists and secularists, with comment if appropriate, and hope you’ll join in the discussion in the comments area.

You can find out more about the PTT on its website.

Welcome aboard, and we hope to hear more from you soon.

See also Humanists, the free, independent and impartial website for agnostics, atheists and enquirers about the Humanist ethical tradition.

Commenting terms

When leaving comments, please keep in mind the following, which you will also find above the comments area.

We welcome lively and challenging comments. However, please try to stay on topic, be polite and do not use abusive, racist or sexist language, and do not incite your readers to violence or other antisocial behaviour, or your comment will be deleted.

We do not bar anonymous comments at the moment, but we would prefer that those commenting play fair and used their name or at least a regular nom de plume. It does show a confidence in your convictions. We know, too, that it’s easy to use a false name and be effectively anonymous, but, again, we appeal to your sense of good practice. Even a wacky nom de plume is better, since at least readers will come to know that contributor and maybe remember her or his previous comments.

Blatant commercial advertising will be removed.

The views and opinions expressed by contributors in their blog posts on Pink Triangle are not necessarily those of the Pink Triangle Trust, and are not to be construed as in any way indicative of the Trust’s views or policies.

Comments should not be construed as necessarily the policy or opinion of the Pink Triangle Trust.

Individual contributors are encouraged to express their opinions, and these should not necessarily be construed as the opinions of other contributors or of the Pink Triangle Trust.

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